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Wal-Mart Pharmacy Complaint - Complaints
Wal-Mart Pharmacy Complaint

Wal-Mart Pharmacy Complaint



I went to the Pharmacy in Bluffton , SC. That was the worst I have ever been treated in ALL my life!!!!!!! I was told to come up to the counter. As I approach the counter the phone rang and the lady answered it seem to be a personal call. She asked me what did I want, then I asked her if my medicine was on the four dollar plan. She said yea. I had found Vitamins that I needed was open I told her about it she gave me the so what motion with her shoulders. So I asked did she have any more of that brand she said in a hateful way is there anymore on the shelf and I said no maam she said so we don't have it then. Oh yea she was still on the phone whispering and giggling with the person on the other line. Then I said are you sure this is on the 4 dollar plan she again said yea with a rude voice. I am in pain had a long day and been without meds cause I couldn't get them filled.

So with a back ache waiting around the pharmacy for up to 45 mins. to be told my meds was almost $57.00 so I said this ain't the $4.00 plan. The guy called the girl twice to come over to us she wouldn't come. So he ended up walking to her, she told him she didn't say that to me. So I went over there and said yes you did remember I brought this medicine over and told you it was open while you were on the phone with a personal phone call. So I went to walk away and my husband told her he heard her to. Also I turned around when she told me it was on the $4.00 plan and told him he was fifteen feet away from me so she heard me tell him. So he asked her if she was calling me a lair. Then he went to the manger.

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gamekidd3 says: (6 years ago)
JANE MISSOURI PHARMACY: I pick up a medication for my mother each month. The cost is appx 372.00 for a months supply. Each time I go in the "receptionist" looks at the computer and says , good grief do you know what this costs. I do, I do, Have been paying this for over a year. If I were go to the back of the store and purchase a large screen TV I doubt that the salesman would exclaim "good grief do you know what this costs"

Tired of it. Will be looking for another pharmacy

Darrel Gaunt
Bella Vista Ar

bullet01 says: (8 years ago)
A floater pharm at the wal-mart in macedonia, oh treated me like a junkie off the street and drew all this attention to me for nothing. Requested some sort of orez report which came back a-ok and totally humiliated me infront of staff and customers not once but twice! In life we have choices and pharmacies and doctors just so happen to fall into the choice catergory.

Sarahb2008 says: (9 years ago)
The Walmart $4.00 RX program is a joke! They do have some meds on the list that are covered, however I just took an amoxicillin rx for my daughter to Walmart (specifically because it was on the $4.00 list) and because she required 3 bottles of the antibiotic to have enough to last for the 10 days it was $12.00. She is a smaller than average 7 year old and this is a normal dosage for her age. How can they say that it is a $4.00 prescrition program when you cannot get the amount required to cover you for 10 days? The rep from Wal-Mart pharmacy said " well it is $4.00 per bottle not per prescription because someone could get 100 bottles and then we would lose money". I could understand if someone was taking more than the "normal" dosage of a medication or more than a 30 day supply, but a normal RX should be covered for $4.00 or they should not be able to advertise it that way.

linzbee85 says: (9 years ago)
the $4 list has only been out for 3 years, I have worked in the pharmacy since it became available, and venlafaxine has NEVER been on that list...

jeannib2 says: (9 years ago)
a few weeks ago i presented a scrip and when i went to pick it up the $$ was NOT $4. i was told to get a new scrip for CHEWABLE tabs which were $4. so i did. presented that scrip. week later i go to pick it up. same damn story - the scrip filled with caps NOT CHEWABLES. seems the chewables were not in stock and they hadn't ordered them because they might not get them??? soo...could you have called me and said this?? NO, we don't call anyone was their reply. i passed on paying for what i wasn't rx'd!! now i have to get a new scrip from the doc to take to Walgreens instead. then there was the Venlafaxine (generic of EffexorXR) incident. years ago i had this filled at walmarts for the $4 price. (in between i was getting them for free til my doc retired). so here i am - picking up my scrip to be told that would be $241.98!! hello? what happened here? seems this generic has been removed from their $4 list. i got out my 2004 list of what they offered then and you know what....they dumped a lot of the initial offerings. sort of like a bait 'n switch. its back to CVS or wags for me. walmarts pharmacy customer service sucks!! i will never recommend them to anyone...and i used to brag about them!!

callie says: (9 years ago)
I agree that the Walmart pharmacy helpers are the WORST in the world @ the Walmart on Rufe Snow and Bursey Rd in Keller Texas (in my experience). They are RUDE, UNCARING, and DO NOT offer customer service at ALL.

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